First day of 2017 Bolt EV U.S. deliveries

Live images taken at a SF-CA Chevrolet dealerships

Click on images below for a larger view

Chevrolet Bolt EV - driver's side

Rear passenger's side

Rear hatch open

Optional false floor creates hidden storage area

The front seats have long rails for both short ...

... and (seat all the way back) for tall people

My knees did not hit the bottom of the center console (good for long drives, bad for who sits behind me)

Center console. 2 USB type-A ports at both the front and in the rear seat areas

Driver's seat placed all the way back, and steering columb at highest position. Use left side button to shift out of park

Driver's dash instrumentation cluster with some controls on steering wheel

ccs EVSE port door easily opens from the outside by pushing on it

An under the short hood shot (note orange high voltage power cables)

Under-hood left-side close-up

Under-hood right-side close-up

For comparison: Sonic-ice driver's dash cluster with controls on steering wheel

Sonic-ice under the short hood shot

Sonic-ice under-hood left-side close-up

Sonic-ice under-hood right-side close-up

Sonic-ice front

Sonic-ice rear

Sonic-ice rear seat (Bolt EV's rear seat is a little shorter for more leg room)

Bolt EV front

Bolt EV rear

The Chevy Bolt EV is based on and uses most of the same parts as the Chevy Sonic-ice. Bolt EV (gen1) components were made by LG Electronics

Sonic-ice specs

Bolt EV specs

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